About Us

Welcome to our blog, we are Danielle, Anthony and Jayden. We moved to our dream home back in 2016, my father-in-law built the house when he lived in it, and he passed back in 2012. We lived at a house with only 3 acres and it was tough with the amount of animals we had, so the house sold and we moved to our slice of paradise. We want to be able to utilize our 13 acres without having to get funding from loans.

How we began…

We started raising chickens back in 2014, we started with 6 chicks that my husband came home with from work one day. He has been around farms and raising animals since he was a kid, his father farmed and he spend most daylight hours at the local family farms in the area. The only experience I have had raising animals is 25 meat birds I raised at my parents house. Chickens are the gateway drug to more farm animals.

The gateway drug to more farm animals.

How we continued…

When we moved here there was our 3 chicken coops, a building we use as a barn, wood working workshop and a sawmill. We are able to build what we need for a much cheaper cost, we don’t have to worry about buying lumber at the hardware store. Living here we were able to add the amount of animals we can have, our first year we had 7 pigs in the barn with about 20 chickens and a goose. Then we can keep a significant amount of birds in our big coop featured below, there’s 3 pens and a small nursery/seclusion pen all with outside runs. The other coop we moved to our other house and moved it back here, we still haven’t taken it off the trailer. Last but not least we have our brooder coop, it has room for the young birds to grow up enough to be able to fend for them selves against the adult chickens.


Not long after we moved we ended up making the decision to home school our son, the bullying at school had gotten way out of control and we pulled him. Best decision we ever made, Jayden learns what he wants, always has his nose in a book when he’s not building something neat with legos and doing chores. People always ask about his socialization with other kids, and he has a fellow home schooler friend and we participate in Cub Scouts

Our little classroom for one

It takes time…

Every year we have been able to add more garden spaces, I have one decent sized greenhouse, but would love to get a second bigger one eventually. Homesteading isn’t an overnight achievement, it takes time, my first garden here was all out of 5 gallon pails and grow bags. I have since been able to grow in the ground since last spring, I do have to come up with something different for my tomatoes because last year they did get blight from being grown in the ground (we live in potato country). So remember homesteading can be challenging and frustrating but its so worth it, the sense of achievement is incredible, and it doesn’t happen overnight (unless you have the money to spend all at once).

We want to help you find cheaper ways to do things, find building materials for your homestead for free, and other useful things. Being frugal is a must on one income and restarting back over with animals, I had some health issues and we gave away all our animals and ate what we could. I feel much better now and we are ready to start over and share our journey with you.

Looking forward to helping you in your journey,
Danielle, Anthony & Jayden

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