I have shopping binges, (one time I ordered turkey eggs from eBay in my sleep) and usually I never pay out of pocket for anything I order.  I am always looking to save money on amazon. My Christmas shopping is paid for out of free Amazon money that I earn with mobile apps or I get cheap or free goodies from some apps and sites.  So check out my list of freebies, gift cards, and cheap stuff.

Snagshout is one of favorite ways to save money on amazon, when I need gifts or stuff for me.  They have so many categories of stuff you can get. There is a daily limit, but if you refer some friends and family you can earn more items a day.  Snagshout has high discounted items. Check it out here.

Vipon is another go-to for me, last year for Christmas I got my son a ton of building blocks (legos) for under $100 dollars! I was able to buy a bunch of gifts for everyone and total Christmas shopping costs were just under $250. Vipon has a wide variety of items, the prices are hard to beat. Check it out here.

Deal Gogogo

Deal gogogo is a decent amazon discount site, they have a good selection of stuff, the discounts aren’t bad at all. What I do love about them is the google chrome extension, when your on amazon it automatically looks for a coupon for the item you purchase! Check them out here.

Jumpsend is a another great place to get an assortment of items at a really good discount. I have gotten so many awesome kitchen gadgets and some neat Christmas gifts. My husband is a fan of the funny gifts. This is another great website to save money at amazon! Check it out here.


AmzRC has a lot of products at 100% off codes. They have a small variety but the items are really good. I have gotten some neat stuff. I am currently waiting for my led garage light to arrive which cost me nothing. They also have a neat referral program, you get $5 for every sign up!

Free products for review

Another way to save money at amazon is if you earn gift cards with apps and websites here.

Over 3 Ways To Save Money At Amazon

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