Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

I am a huge fan of environmentally friendly cleaner products. You don’t want me to get started about the hormones in the stuff we use. I always look for a natural based deep cleaner, I like to make sure its environmentally friendly and is actually cleaning.

Grove Company

I discovered https://www.grove.co/referrer/851713/ about 4 years ago, I came apon an ad for it on Facebook and figure why not give it a try. They gave me a free set of cleaners and a lotion and a discount on my purchase. Sweet, I love a good deal! I received the greatest smelling cleaners, they really clean, and are affordable.

Mrs. Meyers Gift Set

The Mrs. Meyer’s 5 piece gift set

This set included an adorable caddy to carry my new cleaners in, dish soap, lotion, multipurpose cleaner, and walnut scrubby sponges. If you sign up under this link or the one above you will receive the same gift. Now they usually include a free gift. However on the last order I placed I bought 7 bottles of hand soap and that was besides the freebies. I have a fondness of the lilac scented stuff.

So Many Brands

My gift set and free gift.

There are so many different brands of cleaners on grove.co, you can mix and match what cleaners or body products you want. For example they have brands like Method, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, etc. Give Grove a try, you can even set up to have your supplies sent monthly or when ever works best for you! Click here for a free gift set

Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

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