$32 worth of free essential oils

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I have been using essential oils for a while now, I use them for everything! Browsing on Facebook one afternoon I came across an ad for an essential oil university that if you complete you receive $32 dollar credit on their site and they had free shipping. Being the thrifty gal that I am, I jumped at the offer! I waited patiently for my order to come in and when it finally did I was very ecstatic.

Jade bloom 
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Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom is a company that has the highest quality and lowest cost of 100% pure essential oils and all-natural products. They have some of the neatest essential oil blends I have seen. Their university class is an incredible fountain of learning if your someone that likes to use essential oils. They have a huge variety of oils, blends, and many other useful combo kits. There’s a huge selection of oils, full-sized and sample sizes.

Oil Guide

They have the best essential oil guide I have ever seen. On their website, they have every recipe, use, and do’s and don’t’s from skincare to pregnancy uses.
The blends that Jade Bloom have are incredible, they have a blend for everything. Their prices are so much cheaper than all the other oil companies, believe me, I checked!

Jade bloom essential oils
sample size and full sized bottles
On the left is a 10 ml bottle and on the right is a 1 ml sample bottle

Jade Bloom University

I took the Jade Bloom University class for the $32 credit to order on their site. Well in taking this course I learned so much about essential oils it doesn’t make sense. They explain what you can use the oils for, blends you can make at home, and the pre-made blends they have. The class goes through and explains the whole process of extracting the essential oils and goes to each oil’s uses and benefits. When the course is completed (about 45 minutes) you get a $32 dollar credit to your account. The best part is when you order over $35 you get free shipping! Click here to check it out!

Cheat Sheet

Thank you, Freebie Joy, for your really awesome Jade Bloom answer key! Searching around online Freebie Joy was the only one that had the answer key. What’s nice is when you have wrong answers they give you all the correct answers so you can write them down if needed.

If you don’t want to go through and learn the course, then check out freebie joy’s answer key!

Jade bloom essential oils
I wanted to try out some oils before I bought the big sizes. (Entice is my favorite blend, it has a light spring flowery scent) I also bought 2 rollers so I could make my own entice perfume.

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$32 worth of free essential oils!

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