Here is today’s roundup of homeschool Friday freebies, I love to find a bunch of awesome freebies to share with you. Today we are all about free printable worksheets! Look below for the free homeschool printable worksheets.

Word Finds

This site has an assortment of word finds for you to create and print or there’s a bunch of pre-made ones for you. They also have Bible word finds for you, if that’s part of your homeschool learning.
Free Word Finds

Comic Strips

I love to promote creativity, and I love to do crafts, so I make sure my son has the same opportunity to express himself. This site is fun, it has the choice of either printing a comic strip panel or you can create a comic strip right there! If you like the pictures above you can print those out as well.

60 Questions

This is a PDF of 60 questions aimed towards children. They are set up to be cut into strips. Something cute you can do with them is put them in a jar and then have the kids ask each other questions.

Free Planner

Being organized is a very important part of staying on task, keeping track of attendance, and having lesson plans all ready for you. I found a ton of planners at blessed learners.

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Check out some free homeschool books here

Free Homeschool Worksheets

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