Fun Summer Activities

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Summer time means the kids are home from school, and they need activities to keep busy.  As a homeschool mom I always look to add some educational activities mixed in with the fun stuff.  It doesn’t take long for my kid to get cabin fever and start to drive me crazy.  Here is my go to list of fun summer activities to do this summer!


Hanging out by the river

Most kids love to be in the water in the summer, so I look for local pools in the area, some other town pools might have amenities that your local pool won’t have. In a town an hour away they have a splash pad!! There might be a low cost to enter the pool or splash pads. We live right across the street from the river and we are always swimming in there, go check out lakes in your area. There’s always an option to get a pool like this.

Intex 15 Foot x 42 Inch Above Ground Swimming Pool Set


There’s a lot of libraries that have activities in the summer to help keep the kids reading or being creative. Some libraries have story times, fun activities, book clubs, and so many other things. Check out your public library to see what they have to offer.


Fun summer activities

At the local elementary school they recently got a new snazzy playground and my son loves to go play there in the summer. We usually have to stop when we go into town during the summer, I try to stop when there’s other kids playing so Jayden can get socialization. When we go out of town we look for a playground for our son to play at.

Recreation Departments

Some other fun summer activities are at the local recreation departments. I love the sending my kiddo to our local recreation department is that I get a little break, he gets socialization, can learn a new skill, or do fun activities.

Science Centers

Look around to see if you have any science centers in your area, they are really fun to go to. It’s fun, educational, and is fun for the whole family. I am partial to planetariums.

Play Dates

Kids love to have their friends come over, Get a group of kids together and let them have water gun or water balloon fights, games around the yard,


Scouts are a great thing to get your kids into, they learn many skills they won’t learn in school.

Historical Sites

Learning about your local history is good to know, there is so many different places you can go to.

Check out some free worksheets and fun word activity sheets here.

Fun Summer Activities

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