I know some people are able to live without a outside income on their homestead, my husband does work outside of the homestead, we hope eventually he can stay home and handle the homestead full time, but till then I do all I can to get some extra money into the household. Holiday shopping is awesome because I don’t pay anything out of pocket, I have earned all the money in gift cards. There is money to be made with referrals, apps on my phone, surveys, etc. So I will share with you my ways to earn extra money and how to save money shopping.

Direct Sales

Jade Bloom is an essential oil company, they have a great affiliate program, whats really nice about this company compared to Young Living and DoTerra is the price difference. Jade Bloom has great quality oils, and whats even better is they have a university you can participate in and they give you $32 dollars worth of essential oils!! It makes a great way to push people to do that first order. Check out my post to sign up for the university and join, set up as an affiliate, and start selling. Click here for Jade Bloom university.

Mobile Performance Meter: Works in the background

Mobile Performance Meter

My favorite is Mobile performance meter, you earn money by just having an app on your phone. You also can earn extra by referring your friends and family. You can cash out with many retailers, Amazon gift cards to virtual debit cards.

Acorns: earn by referrals and shopping through the app.


Another app I use is Acorns, invest $5 and watch it grow, referrals are good with this app, you can either cash out to paypal or keep it in your acorns account to grow.

Survey Savvy: earn by having downloaded to your devices.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is another really good one, you make $5 dollars for every device their software is downloaded on. They have some high paying surveys on their site as well. They only cash out checks.

Ebates where you get paid to shop


Another favorite of mine is Ebates, we deserve to get paid to shop! When you sign up and make a $25 dollar purchase at any store on their list you get a 10 dollar gift card or $10 to your paypal.  Click here to save!



Dosh is pretty easy to use, you can either make money by referrals and/or cash back from shopping. What I like about Dosh is that they have specials where the referral amount is higher then usual. You can cash out to PayPal.


This is a great app to have, everybody goes shopping. So why don’t you get paid to do it? Join Ibotta and start earning, look at the app before you go shopping and pick your offers. Then go shopping at the stores where the rebates are, take pictures of your receipts and then get paid!


aspiration bank save money save the planet

Aspiration Bank

I love this bank, you can set up your own fees, you get $25 dollars when you sign up and then you get $25 in charity cash to donate to any charity you want!! Bonus: Aspiration also has a savings account with a 2.00% interest rate. Click here to sign up!

chime mobile banking


Chime Bank is my favorite bank if you have direct deposit. They release your funds as soon as they are received!! When you sign up and have direct deposit you will receive $50!!! Click here.

Get free cleaning products here.

I recently discovered Loginhood, it’s a chrome extension that runs in the background and it blocks companies from stealing your data, instead they pay you to use your data!  Earn with refering friends as well.  Check it out here.

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