Prodigy Math

When I found Prodigy Math I was a little skeptical.  It looked more like a game then a math program.  What is Prodigy math you ask?  Prodigy is a free, adaptive math game that integrates common-core math (grades 1-7). Keeps kids interested with a fantasy style game that students love playing.  My son could use that program for hours if I let him.

Login Skills

Learn how to login.

Prodigy also gives them an opportunity to be able to have their own username and password so they can log on by them self. We use a small notebook to keep track of his usernames and passwords.

Save Progress From Home Or School

If your child goes to school I would show their teacher this program. Prodigy has the option of school or home, you can keep track of what your child does at school and the teachers can track from school!

Play With Friends

Prodigy even has a social aspect to the game, your child can play in the same world as their friends. They can battle their friends and see where they are in the world.

Reward For Completing Goals

Set some goals for your child to complete, keep them motivated to play! The rewards you send them are in-game items they use for game-play.

Solve Math Problems To Play

Students have to solve math problems to be able to have game play. For them to be able to battle they have to solve the problem to cast the spells. What I love is they explain how to solve the problem if your child forgot how to do it or is just learning.

Check out some of the free worksheets I have found

Prodigy Math

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