Simple Tub Surround Install

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When we moved into our house we had to gut our entire bathroom.  When Anthony’s father and step-mother lived here there was no hot water tank or a tub.  We had to get all new bathroom furnishings.  I found a toilet for $15 at a charity store, we had an old sink and we were given an old tub.  I know in my old house it shifts, so we were limited when we were building our bathroom. Because we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do with our tub surround, we had shower curtains stapled to the wall.  What we needed something that was water proof, that wouldn’t crack if the house shifts, and simple to install.  Then my husband came up with flashing, the metal stuff you put for your roof.  We will show you a simple tub surround install.

Materials needed

The main things you need are: and this is a 2 person job!
Stapler (heavy duty one) Heavy duty staple gun.
Aluminum Flashing
Long Staples
Kitchen Shears
100% waterproof metal silicone
Utility Knife

We had found a roll that was 20″ by 50′ for a really good price on eBay. Our tub wall was nice pine boards that I didn’t want to get water damage. It was fairly easy to work with, just wear work gloves, the flashing is sharp on one edge. Don’t ask how I know this. But if your wearing work gloves this will be a simple tub surround install.

Final layer was put up. Simple tub surround install

We stapled the flashing to the walls, I recommend using slightly longer staples. That way you can make sure they are going in deep enough. We also used 100% waterproof metal silicone, its made to adhere to metals. Finally if your edges are exposed I recommend putting a nice trim up to cover the sharp edges.

Finished Project

If you need a good meal after your DIY project here’s a recipe for some delicious comfort food.

Simple Tub Surround Install

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