Start Your Garden For Cheap

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I have mixed emotions about spring, first my husband is laid off for anywhere between 4-6 months and second we live at the tippy top of Maine. Maine is a great place to live, an awesome place to raise a family and the community up here is incredible, these people band together when something happens. The only downfall to Maine is that we have 6 months of winter. It”s almost May and there is still snow on the ground. We have to start our seedlings indoors before we can even think about bringing them outside. So I’m going to share with you my easy seed starting system.

Easy Seed Trays

I’m going to give you my list of free or really cheap seedling starter containers. If you have any additional ideas leave a comment below.

  • egg cartons
  • Dixie cups
  • solo cups
  • toilet paper rolls
  • egg shells
  • go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and see if they have left over containers, I have been able to get a bunch that way
  • local florist, you can buy for cheap and you can get specific sizes if your particular
  • Dollar tree is a great place for cheap seedling starters (and cheap potting soil)


A very important piece to the garden is fertilizer, we raise animals so we get free fertilizer. I mix all the manure in a pile, there is hay and wood shavings mixed in, I also throw in veggie scraps, and lawn trimmings. Worm castings are an asset to have to your homestead. Worms can be very profitable for you, you can sell them for bait, sell the castings, or even help people set up worms in their compost and they are fantastic in your compost pile.


Cinder blocks with rope work great to anchor the greenhouse


In my neck of the woods it’s winter 6 months out of the year and we can’t start planting in the ground until the end of may. So we set ourselves up with one greenhouse to start up our plants until its safe to plant in the ground. I absolutely love my 15 by 7 by 7 green house, it is very durable, roomy, and plenty of windows. I do regret not getting the 10 by 20 by 7 greenhouse, I have enough space for something bigger (it’s definitely on the shopping list). If you can find a portable garage that the cover is damaged its the best thing. You can get the greenhouse plastic and boom you have a greenhouse for dirt cheap.

Dollar Tree

A great place to find gardening supplies on a budget is the Dollar Tree. You can find bags of good soil to start your plants, they have containers to start your seeds, seeds, flower bulbs, and other neat things. With twenty dollars I was able to buy 8 bags of soil, 4 packs of bulbs, 8 packets of seeds (.25 cents each), and 6 dollars worth of containers!

If your looking for something different for your tub surround check this out.

Start Your Garden For Cheap

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